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Filtration solutions in multiple sectors

Négofiltres is involved in the main fields of application of industrial filtration. Food industry, chemistry/petrochemistry, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, biotechnologies... we manufacture our filters to measure in order to adapt them to your industrial processes.

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Chemicals & Petrochemicals

Custom-made filters for the specific filtration of chemical compounds. Materials adapted to the use of the filter (fuel, gas, solvent...).


Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

Specific filters for industrial filtration processes in biotechnology in compliance with strict quality and safety standards.


Plastics & Rubber

Specific filters adapted to the environment of the plastic and rubber industries (screens and cylinders for extrusion and compounding.... ).


Industrial Maintenance

A tailor-made partner offer to support manufacturers in the maintenance and smooth operation of their installations and production tools.

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Refrigeration & Valve Industry

Filtration solutions adapted to the specific challenges of installations and networks to ensure performance, safety and controlled environmental impact.



Filtration of liquids, powders, pastes... Filters are manufactured to meet all filtration stages efficiently.


Environment and water

Manufacture of filters for the treatment of pollution and waste.


Architecture & design

Filter media inspire architects and artists. Contemporary creations in wire cloth or perforated sheeting.